10 tips to better enjoy a trip to Disney World

As the most popular travel destination in the world, Disney World attracts millions of people each year to cross its turnstiles to surrender to the fountain of the imaginary, and drink with dreams. Do you want to live this supreme escape? Here are 10 tips that will help you better enjoy your trip to Disney World!

When to go
The key to a successful trip to Disney World is getting there at the right time. If you go in high season, you will spend a big part of your holidays in queues and traffic jams. Plus, you’ll pay the full price on everything. The best time to visit Disney World is between the weekend of Thanksgiving (at the end of November) and the week before Christmas. Other less frenetic periods are September, October and the second week of January to the end of May (excluding holidays).

Planning Your Stay
A minimum of planning will make your trip much more enjoyable, and this instruction applies to all members of the family. Parents can learn about the management plan and the attractions of each theme park, so as to guard against confusion and rushed decisions after arrival on the site. Preadolescents and teens who want to do their own thing need to learn how to navigate the scene, and young children can prepare (and catch fire) by reading Disney tales and watching most important animated films, in order to familiarize them with the characters and the rides they will find on site.

Avoid disappointments
Children should know that they will be denied access to certain rides if they have not yet reached the required size. Theme Parks uphold these standards to the letter; if your children are not tall enough for some rides, it is better to let them know before you leave.

Takeaway Clothing
Remember something when you pack your bags for Disney World vacations: make sure you have light, comfortable clothes. Unless you plan to dine at the most upscale restaurants, all you need in clothing can be listed as follows: shorts, light shirts or polos, summer pants, a jersey bath and what to wear when you come out of the water, and a moderately casual outfit for any event that would require a more formal look.

Must-Have Accessories Spend the rest of the available luggage space on a few essential items, such as a good hat, good quality sunglasses and a good insect repellent. Get plenty of sunscreen too, as even the most uncomfortable winter days can burn your skin and give you the reddish look that’s so typical of misguided tourists. A light jacket and a raincoat are also indispensable, the most practical ones being those which have a hood and which, when folded in their envelope, easily hold in the hand; you can find them in pharmacies for a few dollars, while at Disney World and other theme parks they will cost you several times that price.

Organize your time
There are good and bad ways to organize your schedule at Disney World. First, arrive early (at least 30 minutes before the official opening time).
Second, have a hearty breakfast before you arrive; and later in the day, break your habits by eating earlier or later than usual. Third, do you have a clear idea of ​​the order in which you plan to see the various attractions. Also keep in mind that children (and even adults!) Will want to go back more than once aboard their favorite rides; therefore allocate the necessary time for these “occasions”. Finally, do not be foolish. Decide what you would really like to see, and cut your projects in half.

Ticket Purchases
Whatever the theme park you plan to visit, the best advice we can give you is to get your tickets in advance. By presenting you ticket in hand, you will indeed avoid long queues; but, in all honesty, who would like to start his day with a wait of 20 minutes or more? If you are visiting Toronto, Toronto airport limo is the best choice for traveling.

Reducing the wait
In Walt Disney World’s four main theme parks, clever use of Fast Pass passes can be an effective way to save time. These tickets, which allow you to pass the queue at a fixed time by appointment, are available at the busiest rides. They are obtained at no additional cost, by slipping the ticket of entry in well indicated vending machines. It is then a question of returning at the appointed time to visit without waiting the chosen attraction.

Save precious dollars
Everyone can get discounts at Disney World. The best thing is to visit the Walt Disney World website frequently (www.disneyworld.com), on which promotions of various kinds are frequently put forward, since the periodic reductions on admission prices to the theme parks. to special price packages including lodging and park access.


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