Why You Should Add Fresh Herb Sprigs to Your Wedding Day Bouquets

With weddings in abundance in the midst of summertime and later springtime, brides are opting for seasonal bouquets that blossom naturally in those beautiful, warm months. And many brides are finding that adding fresh herb sprigs to their wedding day bouquets is the new way to spruce up their bunches of flowers.

Every Herb Symbolizes Something Different and Amazing

If you, like millions of other brides, believe in the superstitions, traditions, and symbolisms of weddings, then you should research fresh herbs. Every herb has a unique symbolism that is both fascinating and meaningful to your wedding day. For example, thyme stands for courage, saffron is tantamount to happiness and blessings, and lavender symbolizes calm, good fortune, and peace.

There are More Herbs to Choose from Than You Think

For most people, herbs are for cooking—and that’s it. However, there are more herbs than you can imagine. Way more than what probably resides in your at-home spice racks. To date, there are well-over a hundred different kinds of herbs, each with its own unique fragrance, appearance, and symbolism. You simply have to find which sprig represents the best of you and your spouse on your wedding day.

Herbs Add a Boost of Fragrance, Nature, and Vibrant Color to a Wedding Bouquet

Fresh-picked herbs are fragrant and colorful in a way that perfectly represents the beauties of nature. Which is something you want in your wedding bouquet, because love itself is beautiful and natural. Plus, with an array of colors to choose from, you could certainly find an herb best-suited for the hues of your bouquet.

You Can Cook a Meal Afterwards, as a Newlywed Couple in Your Own Happy Home

There is an abundance of fresh herbs that are safe to cook and eat, so consider some of those for your wedding bouquet. After the ceremony, when you and your beloved arrive at your honeymoon destination—one of many North Carolina oceanfront rentals perhaps, you can use the herbs to cook your first meal as a married couple. This symbolizes the happiness of your home and the love in your heart, while making a great love story to tell your kids and grandkids one day.

For those herbs that are inedible, press them, like flowers, in a book as keepsakes of your wedding day. When pressed and sealed, these herbs will dry up and remain in pristine, fragrant conditions that allow you to look back and remember the happiness and love you felt while walking down the aisle.

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