Which Facilities you will get on VIP Hajj Package?

The majority of the business men or well-off people in Pakistan choose the VIP hajj package. There are some other hajj packages as well but the majority of the well-off people prefer to perform Hajj in a comfortable environment. You can get these high-standard packages from the Hajj groups in the big cities of Pakistan. The big and the best hajj group in Islamabad have introduced the executive Hajj packages for the executive people. These packages will help you perform executive hajj in good prices. The VIP gentry in Pakistan prefers VIP hajj service to make their as comfortable as possible. They prefer short hajj packages as it suites their requirements.  This is the reason these Hajj groups describe the amenities of all packages including executive hajj packages because it is the most suitable for the people who are doing jobs on the executive posts.

Facilities on VIP Hajj Package

Your Best Hajj Group in Islamabad always provides you some of the common facilities that these three categories require. The prime difference between the VIP Hajj package and the Executive Hajj Packages is the price and the comfort.

Umrah before and after Hajj in VIP, Executive Hajj and Short Hajj Packages

You get the high-standard conveyance facility. The buses are fully air conditioned, comfortable seats and cold water facility. Your guide will inform you that you need to stay in Mosque for Ehram to perform Umrah.  This facility is for all Hajj packages. Travelers can get the facility in VIP hajj because performing Umrah is compulsory. You can get this facility in Short hajj packages. Umrah is source to purify soul and mind. It improves the level of spirituality of a Muslim by offering an inspiration of a lifetime. Performing Umrah is beneficial in the same way.

Stay Facility in VIP Hajj

Get the executive Hajj facility on the Executive Hajj Packages. For Ziul Hajja is a Holy month of Muslims and this is the month in which Allah showers numerous blessings for Muslims of the world. The majority of the Muslims love to offer Hajj to attain the maximum blessings and forgiveness of Allah. It is the most important time to strengthen your faith and attain spirituality. It is the faith of Muslims that Allah gives reward for all good deeds.

The Best Hajj Group in Islamabad gives you high-standard staying facility on the Executive hajj. For the VIPs, they provide the hotels near Haram and Mosque in Medina. It is great for them to get comfortable accommodation in hotel and VIP tents in Mina.

What if you want to extend your Stay?

If you want to extend your stay then you need to pay more or you have to bear all your expenditures. The legal formality is to extend the Visa. For this reason, you may not get the permission to increase your stay after Hajj or you have to discuss it before departure. On Airport, you will get the facility of several public information points, plenty of duty-free shops, food court and many more. If you buy flights tickets on the peak season then you will find it expensive.