Travellers Prefer Linen Tablecloths

If you enjoy travelling, then you no doubt like dining too. So, when you walk in a restaurant, what aspect of the décor stands out in your mind? Naturally, the scent of the food might divert your attention in this regard, however, once you sit down, what do you notice first? You probably would be less enthused about eating in a fine dining establishment if you had to sit at a table that was not outfitted with a linen tablecloth, fine china, and cutlery.

Linen Tablecloths Affect the Overall Mood and Atmosphere

Indeed, according to research, linen tablecloths provide a decided impact on the overall décor of a café or fine dining restaurant. That is because the linens set the mood and the atmosphere. When linen tablecloths are featured, the environment tends to take on a more romantic or formal appearance. Plus, using linen tablecloths influence the diners’ perceptions of the quality of the entrées and the price. After all, most people are going to spend more for their cuisine if they are served at a table that displays a linen tablecloth, fine china, and cutlery.

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Linen tablecloths are much more elegant than other types of fabrics. Whilst you may experience delicious cuisine at a restaurant that is not considered a four- or five-star property, it does not affect you in the same way. Research shows this to be the case. According to surveys, 75% of the consumers in the US associate the use of linen tablecloths with food that is better in quality.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

It is because of the association between tablecloths and better-quality food that companies such as Johnsons Stalbridge Linen Services regularly service fine dining restaurants. Restaurants who make profits know that making use of this type of linen service lend to a higher bottom line and more customer satisfaction.

A More Peaceful Atmosphere

Studies also indicate that linen tablecloths lower the superfluous noise in a restaurant. Because they absorb extraneous sounds, the tablecloths create a more peaceful environment. That is also why restaurateurs use tablecloths that are made of linen. Using this type of enhancement also leads to a quieter atmosphere. Many diners and travellers shun restaurants that are too noisy. So, if you spot a restaurant that features cloth tablecloths, you can avoid distracting noises as well.

Keeping Harmful Germs at Bay

In addition, research indicates that tablecloths made of cloth keep a restaurant more hygienic. Whilst a table in a restaurant may appear to be clean, it still is a breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria. When a cloth tablecloth covers the table, however, it reduces the amount of harmful germs.

A Spill-Absorbing Solution

For instance, if diners leave a table for the evening, the table linens, plates, and cutlery, are removed and changed – all which makes things easier and more hygienic. The use of linen tablecloths also absorb spills more readily. So, if a spill occurs, it can be easily remedied. That is because stains penetrate the cloth and therefore do not spread further. That minimises the chance that a patron’s clothes will be ruined as well. That is why the linens are considered the hardest-working accessories in a fine dining establishment.

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