Travel Therapy: Tips for Taking a Relaxing Trip After a Bad Breakup

Picking up the pieces after a breakup or divorce can be some of the hardest psychological work that you put into yourself. Sometimes, however, it can seem as if nothing works — not letting yourself cry, not binge watching television shows, not throwing yourself into your work, and not talking it through with your friends.

 When nothing seems to work, you need to think — could it be that you need to give yourself a change of scene? Travel to heal after a breakup is a popular idea today. If it seems it could work for you, here’s what you need to know.

 Why does travel help?

 Travel to a new environment has healing powers for a number of reasons. Exposure to a new culture can force your mind to respond in new ways. This, alone, can inspire your mind to think new thoughts, thoughts that can set the ball rolling in your mind.

 If you truly want to give yourself a complete change of environment, going to a foreign country on a volunteering vacation can be even better. Not only will you be in a new place, you’ll be forced to do things you’ve never done, and interact as much as possible with new kinds of people. It’s this kind of experience that truly refreshes and renews the mind.

 Avoid solitude

 While it may be tempting to travel to a place where you get to be by yourself, solitude can be a very bad idea when you’re trying to heal. Obsessive thoughts tend to thrive in solitude. Arranging for planning an itinerary that helps you be around plenty of new people and gain new experiences, on the other hand, can help your mind work harder at finding closure.

 Give it time

 Healing doesn’t take expensive pampering. You don’t need to find a luxury spa somewhere to heal. A bargain-basement vacation will work just the same.

 You need to make sure that you give it at least a week, however. It takes the mind time to adjust to a new environment. Three days or so won’t usually help.

 Go to a place that promises an emotional high

 Las Vegas and Rio’s Carnaval are two examples of travel destinations that promise amazing energy. The idea of going to one of these places is that it can be hard not to be infected by the excitement. It ‘s energy that can kickstart your brain’s chemical balance, and get you feeling like an all-new person. It’s exactly the kind of experience that can help you to help you shake it all off, and start afresh. All you need to do is to consult your weather app (get a great one on Google Play), and make sure that you go to a place where the weather is great.

 Traveling has always been a great way to gain new perspectives and start afresh. Applying it to break-up healing may be new, but it does work.

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