Top 5 Gran Canaria Beaches

The coastline of Gran Canaria is 37 miles long – and when we say Gran Canaria, we think of all the amazing, crystal blue waters beaches. All of them offer the curious traveler wonderful sights, but only a few of them are actually the best beaches you can find.

Therefore, in the following paragraphs, we will present to you five of the most beautiful beaches that you can see and explore while in Gran Canaria.


This beach is one of the most iconic beaches of the island – so you can just grab a Gran Canaria taxi and set off to exploring its dunes. The area is part nudist zone and part desert – and it is fully untouched as it is a protected nature reserve.

This means only one thing – there will always be enough room for every local or tourist that decides to spend their day on the sands of Maspalomas.


This man-made beach can be found in Puerto de Mogan – obviously. If you want to break out from the urban environment, then Mogan should be your next destination, as the area is not filled with massive buildings or anything that might ruin the landscape, so to say.

Moreover, this resort in Puerto de Mogan is also known as the Little Venice, due to the network of canals that can be found here. If you make a visit to Mogan beach, you will be seeing only pristine beaches, while also staying in one of the classiest places of Gran Canaria.

Puerto Rico

Gran Canaria’s Puerto Rico beach borrows a lot from the Caribbean Country with the same name. This beach shelters palm trees, a clear blue sky, and greets you with a golden sunshine every day.

It is also the favorite beach of the British tourists that decide to spend their holiday in Gran Canaria. When it comes to shops and bars, there’s only a few of them, therefore they don’t disturb the laid-back feel of beach Puerto Rico. When it comes to the sea, you will be surrounded by calm waves and calm waters in general.

Playa Del Ingles

Also known as the English Beach, Playa del Ingles is home to Spanish, Scandinavian, and German bars – which is quite odd given its name. The beach is 1.6 miles long, just a little bit shorter than its neighbor, Maspalomas – it is also Gran Canaria’s third-longest beach.

It can get a bit windy around here at times, but nothing you should be worried about. When the waters are calm, you can rent some jet skis and see the beach from afar.

Anfi Del Mar

This artificial beach can be found in the south-west of Gran Canaria. Anfi del Mar has plenty of floral displays and palm trees, things that make it one of the calmest beaches of the island.

It is also one of the beaches preferred by locals, especially during summer – so it can get a bit crowded here when the sun is shining brightly.

Well, what are you waiting for? As soon as you are off your Gran Canaria airport transfer, grab your flip-flops, choose a beach, and just go enjoy the sand and the waves.