Tech Travelers are More Appy: Tools to Track Your Expenses On-The-Go

With a colossal 2.8 million apps available right now on Google Play alone, there is literally an app out there for anything. So, due to this huge array of choice, it’s no wonder there are multiple apps to choose from when it comes to managing your expenses.

 Despite the importance of tracking spending habits, a huge 61% of American adults admit to not keeping track of their money. But, with today’s modern technology, these apps do all the hard work for us, meaning we can travel and be consistently on-the-go whilst still able to accurately track our expenses wherever we are. So, if you’re an avid traveler who sometimes struggles to keep your money under control, here are some of today’s top apps that might just become your new best friend.


Perhaps one of the most popular money-tracking apps out there, Mint is both effective and extremely user-friendly. Offering multiple categories for you to organize specific payments into, Mint provides an easily readable display of exactly what you’re spending your money on.

And, as all categories are color coordinated to avoid confusion, you can easily see if you’re spending too much in one particular category. Also allowing you to set spending limits for each category too, Mint will instantly notify you if you’re reaching the end of a particular limit and need to reign your spending in!

But, whilst this app is excellent at notifying you when you may be spending more than you should, it’s still your responsibility to take note of what it says and change your habits accordingly. But, if you do find yourself struggling and in need of a financial helping hand whilst traveling, read this for more information on small person loans.

Level Money

Perfect for those who prefer a more traditional form of tracking expenses, Level Money has been specifically created to replicate the opening of a wallet. Once the app is launched, it will instantly calculate how much available money you have left, and give you an accurate breakdown of how much you can spend on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.

 So, if you simply just want to check at the beginning of each day how much money you can realistically afford to spend and use that figure as a budget, Level Money is for you!


Perhaps the most detailed of all the apps mentioned so far, BillGuard takes expense tracking to the next level. Giving you accurate records of exactly when and where you’ve spent your money, you’ll never find yourself wondering ‘where did I spend that?’ with this app by your side.

Plus, you’re also able to access your current credit score for free so, if taking out a personal loan is something you find yourself considering, knowing your credit score will be vital.

Whilst traveling is generally a fun and exciting experience, it’s still important to remain sensible when it comes to your spending. But by staying on-track and making regular checks, you’ll be in-the-know at all times allowing you to make realistic money-related decisions.

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