Taking a Bite out of the Big Apple

For the minority of people who may not be aware, New York City is often called the Big Apple. The name comes from John J. Fitz Gerald a sports writer for the New York Morning Telegraph, who first used it in the 1920s. Since then it has become widely popular. But this is beside the point, the main point is that New York City is perhaps the best city on Earth. This buzzing, always illuminated, electric city is always alive, each alley, street and avenue has something nice to offer. You can spend hours roaming around NYC and never get tired of the sights – all the time surrounded by skyscrapers; stopping at any time during your stroll and simply looking up never ceases to amaze you. It is truly a city that never sleeps and it engulfs you in its frenzy. It automatically follows that it should be on every serious traveler’s bucket list. And in this article we shall list some of the best sights this amazing city has to offer. You can browse online and get New York airline tickets in cheap price.

Central Park

You might have seen this landmark Park in many movies; it is located between the Upper East Side and Upper West Side two of New York’s richest neighborhoods. This urbanized park occupies an area of roughly 843 acres, nestled at the center of the city. You can simply walk through its iconic walkways or have a picnic in the Great Lawn. There’s also Belvedere Castle which sits atop Vista Rock, this castle provides great panoramic views in every direction. It has a lot to offer, and is a must visit when you go to NYC.


If you’re into epic plays and theatrical performances then Broadway is the place for you. It is renowned throughout the world for its spectacular performances which are presented in the 41 professional theatres located in the Theatre District and Lincoln District in Broadway, Midtown Manhattan. Some of the world’s most famous performances take place within these walls, and while they can be pricey, they are worth every penny.


New York is a rich cultural center and as such it has some of the world’s best and most famous museums. Any trip to NYC must include a visit to at least one of these museums which include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art or the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum to name a few. Devote at least a full day to this activity.

The Empire State Building

NYC Tourism 101 demands that you visit the iconic Empire State Building once during your visit. And despite the pricey entrance fee and long queues, the views are definitely worth it. On a clear day, you can see most of NYCs finest places some 1100 feet below you. The views are worth it alone.

A trip to NYC is a must for any travel enthusiast. You can browse online and get New York airline tickets in cheap price and visit it for your next trip.


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