Must Visit State Capitals

The US is huge, you probably need a decade to explore most of it – and it is as varied as it is big, with towering peaks, lush forests, flourishing modern cities and massive canyons to explore. Most people who visit it, travel through the major cities in each state – a by the numbers tour of the US, it is a heavily trodden path but it is for a reason. Each state has its own unique offerings for the traveler and since there are 50 states altogether, there is a lot on the table for you to sample. In this article we list some of the state capitals that you should definitely visit. If you’re flying between the cities, remember that you can Buy frequent flyer miles online..


The capital of Georgia, it is a vibrant city with a lot of cultural attractions and a good food scene. Besides the famous attractions like the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola and the CNN Center, you should try off the beaten path experiences like eating a hot dog and fries at the Varsity, strolling Chamblee’s Antique Row District and if you’re a fan of good street art you could visit the Krog Street Tunnel.


Located in Oregon, this capital is a picturesque city with beautiful surroundings and of course good food. It offers the Oregon Symphony Association and its world class music for the more culturally inclined as well as the Pentacle Theatre. For those who love the great outdoors it has amazing hiking expeditions and bike rides which traverse streams, waterfalls, forests, rolling hills and everything in between.


One of the most famous cities in the States, the capital of Massachusetts is renowned for many reasons. Besides its historic landmarks it has Fenway Park, the legendary home of the Red Sox, New England Aquarium, a fine museum and great food. You can spend days exploring this amazing city with its unique culture and sights.

St. Paul

The capital of Minnesota has a unique Mississippi River valley setting, quaint neighborhoods and a nice downtown which features lush parks. You could visit St. Paul Farmers market, or if you like boating, Padelford Riverboats take you along the great Mississippi. There’s also a unique ‘Gangster Tour’ which explores the hideouts and gun battles of the famous 1930’s gangsters.


Often overlooked because of New York City, the state capital of New York also has its unique sights to see. These include the John Boyd Thatcher State Park, New York State Capitol, NY State Museum and the Empire State Plaza.


Nicknamed Naptown, the capital of Maryland is a quaint city with historical attractions. It is reminiscent of most European cities with its paved streets and cozy market place. Annapolis Harbor is famous for its sea food as well as the breathtaking views it offers such as Thomas Point Park.

These are just a few of the state capitals that you should visit. You can sell frequent flyer miles online for cash and fund another trip to other places.


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