Lessons you Learn after your First Backpacking Trip

There are very few things that teach us as much about life as travelling does. Travel is one simple hack to learn more about yourself, the world and also life in general.

No matter which corner of the world you travel to, there are endless lessons to learn and if you’ve ever gone on a backpacking trip, you know what we are talking about.

Following are certain things that you will learn from your first backpacking trip:

Your Needs are Less

Your first backpacking trip is coming up and out of excitement, you try to pack your entire house into a travel bag. You’re standing over your bag and pushing down with all your force to make space for more items.

But when you begin to walk long distances with a heavy bag on your back you will realise what a huge mistake it was to overstuff your bag. When you find yourself wearing only flip-flops every day, you will also realise why carrying three pairs of shoes wasn’t such a good idea after all.

When you start roaming around with money in your pockets like the rest of the world you will realise that you didn’t need the gigantic fanny pack you carried either. For this reason, the best backpacking advice that anybody can give you is to pack as little as possible.

Earplugs – Good Investment

The nights of your backpacking trip will be something to remember. The interesting conversations with new friends who like you belong to another corner of the world, the experience of sleeping on bunk beds and the warm embrace of a drunken sleep will be some of the best takeaways from the nights of your backpacking trip.

But there is one thing which can absolutely ruin your night’s sleep and it is the snoring of one of your traveller friends. Waking up such people and asking them not to snore will only stop the snoring until they don’t fall asleep again. To prevent these nocturnal disturbances from ruining your sleep you must carry earplugs with you.

Keep Aside the Ego

The hostel where you live will always have people who have amazing stories to tell. Even if you have swum to a remote beach or survived a few nights in the wild living off insects and other unmentionable things there will always be a person with a story that tops yours. Rather than engaging in meaningless ego battles you should find your own path and do the things that make you truly happy.

The Internet Doesn’t Have Everything

After your backpacking experience, you will realise how there are many beautiful landscapes and restaurants and cafes which may not even find a mention on the internet but are the kind of places that you must definitely visit.

Those who have backpacking experience will tell you that sticking to those places which have rave reviews on the internet can be a huge mistake. Not only do such places draw huge crowds but it will be difficult for you to see the good beyond the hype.

Never Abuse Your Body

It is true that the human body can endure a lot but you must always remember that you shouldn’t exert it beyond a certain limit. The sleepless nights, long flights, cheap booze and the tasty and exotic seafood may take a toll on your health.

It is not necessary that the food has been prepared in such a way that it matches up to your expectations of hygiene. Thus you shouldn’t eat or drink too much of anything and save yourself the trouble of falling ill while on vacation.

You’re Really Lucky

If your backpacking trip has taken you to a country which is less developed than your own, you will see with your own eyes just how incredibly lucky you are. Despite being popular tourist destinations, it is possible to survive in such places on next to nothing. When compared to the lives of people who live in such places, having the ability to catch a plane and experience such diverse cultures is nothing short of a blessing.

if any reason comes along to celebrate, such as an anniversary or a close friend’s marriage, with frequent backpacking trips you will learn more about stag do venues and places in general and be in a better position to make suggestions.