Key Considerations for Buying Hotel Towels

A fresh soft feather-smooth towel is the unmistakable ingredient of a quality hotel stay experience. It is often the first thing guests touch upon entering the room and it is also often the last thing they use before leaving the hotel room. As a hotelier one can really make a great impression with quality hotel towels for the guests. This is why the hoteliers need to consider a few time honoured aspects when buying towels.

Material and Quality

The most important consideration is obviously the material and quality of the towel. The best quality cotton sourced from the Nile River delta in Egypt is generally considered to be the ideal material for cotton towels. While Egyptian cotton is the commonly used term by marketers you should make sure about the authenticity and purity. Egyptian cotton fibres are soft and when woven tightly produce feather-smooth comfort.

Turkish cotton which characteristically provides long fibres are very absorbent in character and is particularly good for ensuring lasting quality along with comfort. Pima Cotton harvested in the Latin American country of Peru is also another premium grade cotton with very absorbing quality and smoothness.

In this respect, you must know that not all these types of cotton are ideal for all practical purposes. According to experts, Egyptian cotton exquisite in softness is ideal for hand and face towels while the Turkish and Pima cotton are ideal for bath towels.

Lastly, if you want to maintain good quality in all materials and services provided to the customers, never opt for a cotton blend with polyester as material for towels. They may be cheaper and more durable than cotton towels, but they lack the comfort and luxury of premium cotton towels.

Higher GSM along with Combing

Grams Per Square or GSM directly refers to the weight of a towel. More weighty towels are capable to absorb more moisture and hence are more comforting for the users. High GSM towels with 800 GSM are ideal for hotel uses.

To maintain long fibres in a towel the technique of ‘Combing’ is used which basically helps in maintaining the shape of the towel. It is ideal for hotel towels that will be used very briefly before landing up in the laundry.

Maintaining ideal Sizes

There are three time-honoured standard sizes of hotel towels for three different purposes. The ideal size of Hand Towels is 50 x 90cm, the same for Bath Towels is 70 x 140 cm and prescribed sizes for Bath Sheets is 100 x 150. The beach or spa towels can be a bit longer or similar to the bath sheets.

Header Strips

In the top of the towel, you can find some differently textured header strips that not only make the towel look different but also helps hotel and laundry staffs in identifying towels. The header strips help staff identify the size and accordingly categories them as and when they are sent to or received from the laundry. This speeds up the process of housekeeping and laundry at hotels. In case the laundry service is outsourced, the header strips will help to prevent any mismatch or getting different towels than the ones owned by the hotel.

Finally, as a hotelier whether you are outsourcing the hotel supplies or buying them through your own staff, you need to be very meticulous and observant about the quality of certain aspects like hotel towels. The towels often help to shape the impression of guest as it feels so close to their body. Offering incensed towels is also one exquisite way to impress guests. The comforting, absorbing, feather-touch smoothness of a towel you should not make your customers compromise with.