Kayaking Bovec: the most beautiful kayaking experience

Who would have thought that kayaking could be a romantic, fairy tale experience? When you choose kayaking Bovec trip with us, you choose a day full of breath-taking views, calming sound of the purest water flowing across white pebbles, and perhaps you will even get a chance to see some anglers trying to catch a famous Soča trout. You cannot even imagine the beauty of this place, and if you do not believe us, check https://www.altitude-activities.com/tour/bovec-kayaking-on-soca-river and take a look at all the amazing photos that we took. You can also get more information at this webpage, together with all the other tours we offer at our agency.

Book kayaking Bovec at Altitude activities

Kayaking Bovec is one of the most booked trips at Altitude activities, and it is not a big secret why. Namely, kayaking Bovec offers more than just kayaking. Our guides take care of all the equipment you need and teach you how to kayak. They take you to that part of the river that is most suitable for your knowledge and experience. For beginners, this will be a tranquil section, with calm water and amazing views. And for experienced kayakers, kayaking Bovec will be an adventure, full of adrenaline and astonishing white-water rapids. As our guides know this part of the Soča River very well, you will be as safe as you can be, as they will advise you on where to paddle, and warn you where the rapids get dangerous.

Come, follow us to Narnia

If you are ready for kayaking Bovec, do not hesitate to contact us, and we promise you a day of mesmerizing views, kayaking along one of the most beautiful European rivers, and a dip into the cold, pure water, to soothe your sore muscles at the end. And our guides will make sure that your trip is well documented with taking loads of photos. We promise that kayaking Bovec will be a tour that you will never forget.