Julian Alps hiking: a unique experience

Hiking is an excellent way to discover hidden corners and admire the natural beauty of Slovenia. The area of Julian Alps has a lot of marked hiking trails. However, Julian Alps can be tricky and if you do not know the area well, you will soon be in danger. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to hike in an organised group, with a guide that knows the area well. This way, you can relax and enjoy yourself, because the guide will lead the way along the most beautiful parts of the Julian Alps hiking experience https://www.altitude-activities.com/mountaineering/julian-alps-hiking-and-trekking-tours-in-slovenia.

If you like hiking, then Julian Alps hiking will be one of the most enjoyable experiences of all time. Julian Alps offer so many beautiful views, natural wonders, fascinating flora and fauna; it will leave you speechless. Our Julian Alps are protected under the name Triglav National Park, so all the beauty that you will see can be admired by generations to come.

Come Julian Alps hiking with us

Our guide will guide you along a well-arranged hiking trail and will enable a genuine experience of the beauty of Julian Alps hiking. You will be able to admire mountain pastures with old huts, where they still produce cheese and other dairy products in summer. You will be able to admire magnificent views you have never imagined before. You will have the opportunity to see some protected alpine lakes and you have a feeling that you have just entered a fairy tale. And when your guide tells you one or two legends about these places, you will be hooked on Julian Alps hiking.

What kind of hike should I choose?

Our agency offers several different Julian Alps hiking adventures. Some of them are suitable for families, others are a good way to stretch your legs a little and find great photo spots, and some of them are extreme and only suitable for people with a high level of fitness.
So come to our office, call or email us, and we will find the right Julian Alps hiking trip for you. And we promise you, we will have a great hiking day together.