Research has suggested that international travellers still see the UK as a popular destination. In fact, a survey by Barclays of 7,000 international holidaymakers found that 97 percent want to see the UK sooner rather than later. 60 percent also said that they were now even more interested in visiting the UK than they were 12 months ago.

VisitBritain has just released some figures of interest. Most intriguingly, international visitors spent a record £2.7 billion in just January and February 2017. It’s an increase of 11 percent compared to 2016’s figures.

Lycetts, who provide insurance for arcades , took a close look at some of the other facts and figures recently. The top five areas that toursits are setting their sights on shouldn’t come as much surprise.

67 percent plan to visit London

44 percent plan to visit Scotland

29 percent plan to visit Wales

24 percent plan to visit Northern Ireland

17 percent plan a visit to Yorkshire.

The UK is an attractive destination for international travellers and it means the economy continues to be boosted by the industry. The Barclays report found that the average spend on accommodation by tourists is a considerable £667, along with £453 on shopping and £339 on food and drink.


An ABTA’s Travel Trends Report this year found that the number of domestic holidays taken in the UK jumped from the 64 percent in 2015 to 71 percent in 2016.The Barclays report also revealed that more than a third of adults across Britain are choosing to holiday closer to home and the main reasons have been revealed.

34 percent cited choice as a main reason, stating ‘I would like to spend more time in the UK’

32 percent said cost was the main reason, stating ‘holidays in the UK are now more affordable’.

23 percent cited experience as a main reason, stating ‘I enjoyed a recent UK holiday and so am keen to replicate this’.

15 percent cited the number of activities available as a main reason, stating ‘there are more holiday activities in the UK than there were in the past’.

14 percent cited time as a main reason, stating ‘I have less time than I have had previously to holiday abroad’. 


It looks healthy now and ABTA will hope it continues to be so by requesting that the government focuses on five key areas.  They want the UK to continue giving its citizens the ability to travel freely within Europe and beyond.  They want visa-free travel between the UK and the EU Protecting valuable consumer rights. They also want travellers to continue to have continued access to either free or reduced cost medical treatment. ABTA also wants to give UK businesses operational stability. Mark Tanzer, ABTA’s CEO said recently, “We want to work with the Government to help make Brexit as successful as possible.”


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