How to plan an unforgettable stag weekend abroad

One of your best friends will say goodbye to celibacy and you need to celebrate last days of his bachelor life. Which way can be more entertaining than planning a stag weekend in one of the great places of Europe?

A trip to remember

Are you ready to party? Just in case, if you’ve asked yourself “How to organize the perfect stag weekend?”, you can write down some activities which you would like to do with your mates. If you need some inspiration, you can pay a visit to Don’t forget that it’s quite important for your best pal to spend some time with his friends before taking such a big step.

Then you’ve got to choose the best stag destination where you can organize the best party for the future groom. The list below includes some exciting places where you could take your friends on a delightful trip:

  1. Ayia Napa, Greece

Situated on the southern coast of Cyprus, Ayia Napa is one of the best holiday spots where you could go.

  1. Bratislava, Slovakia

Even if is one of the smaller capitals of Europe, Bratislava remains one of the greatest destinations for stag weekends, by all means. There is

  1. Bucharest, Romania

Located in Romania, this city is lively and has lots of touristic attractions. You can visit many museums, monuments, statues, buildings with an amazing architecture and so on.

  1. Budapest, Hungary

One of the most popular cities of Europe, Budapest offers its visitors astonishing views and a lot of incredible stuff to do such as tasting different types of wines, going to a casino or a strip club etc.

  1. Krakow, Poland

Known as Royal Capital of Krakow by its official name, it is a lovely city which is steeped in history. It has a vibrant nightlife where you can do activities like taking the stag limo bus, enjoying an oil wrestling show with hot girls and many other things.

  1. Paphos, Greece

Another perfect destination from Greece is Paphos which is located on the Mediterranean coast. It’s well known that its foundation has a significant importance in the Greek mythology.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

One of the most enchanting spots from Europe is Prague. This city has warm summers as well as chilly winters and you can feel just like in heaven if you get a Thai Massage or if you go to the Beer Spa.

  1. Riga, Latvia

The largest city from the Baltic States, Riga’s historical centre is very famous for its Art Nouveau architecture. There are many ways to have fun such as go karting, quad biking, zorbing.

  1. Sofia, Bulgaria

Last but not least, Sofia is not an expensive destination so you can travel with your best friends there in order to enjoy new adventures. There are lots of entertaining activities for you such as escape room, wakeboarding and so on.

Before you begin to pack, why don’t you check out to make the best decision for your pal? Discover which stag weekend packages are suitable for your friends in order to make memories which can last a lifetime.


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