How to plan a trip when traveling with kids

Parenthood ushers in new responsibilities, and honestly, they are never ending! And while travelling with an infant is difficult to plan, planning a vacation with a toddler who runs around non-stop, or a fussy kid or a grumpy teenager is even more challenging.

Does it mean that parents with itchy feet should give up on traveling, certainly not! With a little more effort put in travel planning, traveling with kids can also be a cakewalk.

Here’s a breakdown on the best tips to plan a trip with kids:

  1. Consider the weather

Consider the weather conditions of the place you shortlist. Zero on a place that won’t have a drastic weather change than your home, you don’t want your kid to be sick on the trip!

  1. Consider the destination type

Of course, no one knows your kids better than you, understand the kind of traveller personality they have. Choose your destination considering the likes and dislikes of your child. Yes, you can always push them out of their comfort zone. But wouldn’t it be great to take your kids to some place where they would enjoy indulging into activities they like!

  1. Create an itinerary

When you are with kids, nothing goes as per your plans. But you don’t want the entire vacation to go haywire. Plan a detailed itinerary of your trip, including what spots you’ll visit, if there are any advance bookings that could be done and if there are any skip-the-line tickets/group discounts you can opt for. This will not only save you time when you are on the trip, but will also help you plan your day better. A pro tip is not overcrowding your itinerary and keep pockets of time free, in case the child needs a break.

  1. Book homestays instead of hotels

Prefer homestays that offer kitchenettes and other facilities like cribs for your baby or cots for toddlers are way more comfortable than regular hotels. You can cook meals for your kids and have way more space for the same amount.

  1. Be a ninja packer

There can be nothing like forgetting the right toys, clothes or food that your kids need. Make sure you pack everything, including a baby carrier or pram, if your travel involves a lot of walking. Pack extra set of clothes and prescription meds for the ‘just-in-case’ scenarios!

Although it might seem overwhelming, there’s nothing compared to the joy of seeing the world through the eyes of your kids. Shrug that hesitance away and get going!

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