How to Make the Most of Your Visit to Lembongan

Lembongan is full of laid-back charm, quaint beachfront accommodations, and plenty of attractions and good food. It’s hard to find secluded, quiet places to visit in southern parts of Bali because it’s so popular. Lembongan is one of the remaining islands with relaxing beaches and a slower lifestyle.

Touting accommodations like beachfront bungalows and beach club resorts, there’s something for everyone and in every budget. Starting at just $20 a day, you can find your paradise no matter where you stay.

Lembongan charm doesn’t always come cheap. Because supplies are shipped from Bali daily, you can expect to spend a little bit more for food and other necessities, but it’s well worth the cost to get away from the bustle of the mainland.

Areas of Interest

Mushroom Beach is located just a few kilometers away but is a completely different experience. With a sizeable hill separating the two tourist areas, there is no way to walk from one to the other. Restaurants and accommodations litter the area, snorkeling companies make dives a few meters off of the beach, and paddle boards are available for rent.

Visiting the Mangrove Forest is a great expedition. Your hotel can give you tips on how and when to visit, but it’s a beautiful detour from the beach and the water. Hiking opportunities and a different atmosphere await those who enjoy off-the-grid experiences.

Lembongan Village is where the residents live. Here you can see seaweed farms, and it’s likely you’ll be the only tourist. Just be careful to stay on the main roads. You may be politely redirected back to civilization if you venture too far into a local farmer’s camp.


Lembongan is easy to explore because of its small size. Scooters, pedal bikes, mini-people movers, and walking are the most popular modes of transportation. There are two popular tourist areas with mangrove forests and a few beaches. Jungutbatu sits alongside the northern beach and hosts activities like diving and snorkeling.

If you’re comfortable riding a scooter, it’s the best mode of transportation because it will get you anywhere and help you navigate the steep hills. If you don’t like scooters, you can get around on a pedal bike or on foot.

Some destinations are too far, and the walk is too rigorous, however many day spas, restaurants, and other businesses provide door-to-door transfers. These transfers can get you almost anywhere you need or want to go, especially if you plan to stay in the popular tourist locales.


Mushroom Beach

If you’re not staying on Mushroom Beach, it’s worth the trip. The restaurant options are the best in Lembongan. There are a number of beach activities, and venturing out into the bay on your paddleboard or kayak offers you a view of crystal clear water with fish swimming underneath. Docked boats are common here, so you’ll see a bustling fishing business.

Dream Beach

Dream Beach has the best swimming on Lembongan. The road to the beach is flat, so it’s an easy walk from Mushroom Beach. The waves get high on the western side of the island, and there are no on-duty lifeguards, so only competent swimmers should enter the water.

If you don’t want to risk swimming here, you can also sip cocktails in the infinity pool at a restaurant that overlooks the sound. The resorts at Dream Beach also offer day passes to certain locations otherwise inaccessible to tourists, so if you choose to stay here, you get additional privileges.

Devil’s Tear

Around the corner is Devil’s Tear. Explosive waves crash against the limestone shore in a spectacular show of mother nature. This location is accessible only on foot, and a lack of signage makes it hard to find. Following the water from Dream Beach may help you find it.

Nusa Ceningan

A new yellow bridge connects the islands of Lembongan and Ceningan. There are only a handful of tourist accommodations on Ceningan, so if you enjoy going off the beaten track, a short trip to Ceningan gives you a fun glimpse of local life.

Day Spas

The island is home to a number of day spas, and a relaxing trip to the Bali area wouldn’t be complete without pampering and relaxation. Most resorts provide complimentary transportation to and from the local spa. Open-air pavilions and serene luxury await you at any location you choose. The Harumaya Day Spa is very highly rated, and your resort can help you book an appointment.

Diving and Snorkelling

Lembongan is home to world-class diving spots. Avid divers shouldn’t pass up the opportunity for at least one day of snorkeling. Spectacular sea life like whale sharks, mola mola, and manta rays make regular appearances. Sometimes visibility is limited, but each diving excursion is well worth it for the incredible marine animals you see.

For better options, consider a half or full day dive farther off the shores of Mushroom Beach. The dive crews are professional, the equipment is in excellent condition, and the dive masters are experienced and knowledgeable.


If you’re looking for sunset drinks, Deck Bar and Cafe overlooking Jungutbatu or Hai Bar and Grill at Mushroom Beach are excellent options. They are low-key and inexpensive, providing you with an excellent before or after dinner option for winding down after a busy day in the sun.

Bali Eco Deli is Lembongan’s best cafe. They serve coffee, smoothies, juices, and incredible baked goods like cookies. With free mineral water refills if you bring your own container, it’s the perfect place to take an afternoon snack break.

On top of the hill between Lembongan and Mushroom Beach sits Panoramic Bar. With an incredible panoramic view of both beaches, you can grab a drink and enjoy the view.


Bay Shore Huts comes very highly rated and is one of the best resorts on the island. Centrally located near Mushroom Beach, it’s an easy walk to many popular tourist areas. A series of bungalows stretch toward the pool and restaurant, providing great views of the beach and fishing boat activity.

The resort also offers open-air massages next to the secondary pool. Attendants are happy to help you plan other activities and transportation if you need it. The staff is friendly, and the stay is both affordable and relaxing.

Lembongan is a worthwhile trip for great food, fun adventure, and relaxing amenities. It’s an affordable vacation spot, providing gorgeous views and plenty of ways to spend your time.

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