How to Choose the Best Tours in Florida

Are you thinking about heading down to Florida for vacation this year? If so, one more thing to add to your to-do list is finding just the right tour. There are so many to choose from when you head to Florida; you just have to choose one for the type of experience you’re looking for. Here are four of the best tours in Florida.

Take a Thrill Ride in Key West

White Knuckle Thrill Boat Rides are more than just a boat ride. New Zealand-style boats send your heart pounding with every adventure. Experience 30-minute boat rides at speeds up to 53 miles per hour. Zip across 4 inches of water while performing thrilling maneuvers and 360-degree spins. Yes, all passengers are issued a life preserver. Minimum age to participate is 5 years old. But the more people you bring, the more fun you’ll have.

For a calmer experience try the Sea Spis. View the undersea world through glass bottom boats. Boats are easy to use for those ages 12 and up and are for single-use. People who’ve experienced White Knuckle Thrill Boat Rides say it’s the number one thing to do in Key West.

Go on a Safari Snorkel Tour in Key West

Consider taking a safari snorkeling tour with Sunset Watersports. And don’t worry; easy professional instructions are provided. Be your own captain as you venture out and snorkel along the shallow water with tropical fish. Most tours are almost three hours and only require a can-do attitude. The company provides all gear like snorkeling equipment, and the boats accommodate two people.

The company is one of the oldest and largest water sports companies in Key West with well over 20 years of experience.

Kayak in Siesta Key

Explore hidden mangrove lagoons and unspoiled beaches with Siesta Key Bike and Kayak. Kayak through Neville Wildlife Preserve and watch pelicans as they dive for dinner and egrets as they wade through the shallow waters. Rent single or double kayaks where you can sit-on-top and sit-in. Rentals include lightweight paddles, a laminated map, and a dry bag. Professionals can also provide instruction if needed.

Don’t worry about finding a hotel near the action. Click here to find hotels conveniently located near the excitement.

Enjoy a Trolley Tour in Key Largo

Hop on the Island Time Trolley and go from Key Largo to Key West. Since 2012, Island Time Trolley has been serving locals and tourists. Enjoy the beautiful oak interior and the gleaming wood floors on this restored trolley. See local attractions and learn some fun facts.

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Whether you’re traveling for a wedding or a group event, Island Time Trolley can accommodate it all. Vehicles seat 17 to 32 passengers, and you set the amount of time you need.

Review the tours and decide which one fits your vacation plans. If you can’t narrow it down to one, that’s OK. Do whichever tours sound the most fun to you, but make sure you schedule them before you leave on your trip. They can fill up!

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