Hotels in Levanto Italy: where to stay during your Cinque Terre trip

To easily visit the Cinque Terre it is not necessary to stay in one of the five villages. If you have a limited budget and little time to book, we suggest you to stay in a nearby town and choose one of the several hotels in Levanto, for example.

Levanto is a small village just outside the Cinque Terre but very comfortable to reach all the five villages. From Levanto, it is possible to take the regional train to reach in a few minutes the first adjacent village: Monterosso. From here, then, you can start exploring the surrounding areas by foot or by train.

Why you should choose the hotels in Levanto Italy

There are many activities that can be done in the Cinque Terre, and they are all really suitable for everyone: families, couples and even solitary travelers. However, this particular stretch of coast is especially suitable for people who like to walk.

This is the reason why Levanto is a perfect match if you like walking. There are several paths that lead through all the five villages. They all cross the so called Cinque Terre Regional Park. Levanto is perfectly connected with them and this is the reason why we suggest you to book one of the several hotels in Levanto Italy for your stay.

Otherwise, if you prefer a more relaxing holiday, there is a regional train that easily connects all five villages in a few minutes. Definitely the best way to get around, dedicated to those who don’t like long walks but still have the desire to visit the Cinque Terre. In Levanto you will find a train station.

The five villages: from south to north

Levanto is not one of the 5 villages but it is perfectly connected with them.

The others are: Rimoaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso.

Riomaggiore is often the first stop on the Cinque Terre itinerary. The colored buildings line up along a steep cliff. When the sunset arrives, the town becomes one of the most romantic places in the Cinque Terre.

Manarola is a symbol of the Cinque Terre wine: the Sciacchetrà. Here you can relax on the waterfront.

The third symbolic country of the Cinque Terre is Corniglia, the only one that has no direct access to the sea. Its quiet and winding streets lead to a large ventilated terrace overlooking the blue of the sea. This is the only observation point from which you can see (and photograph) all the five villages at the same time.

The small port of Vernazza has been its most interesting point for a long time, but it is Piazza Marconi and its amphitheater of pastel houses overlooking the sea that attract everyone’s eyes. Here the typical streets, the caruggi, rise almost vertically and give life to a labyrinth of stairs and tiny terraces, with a great view of the blue sea.

Finally, Monterosso is the most touristic village of all the Cinque Terre. Colored huts, beach and fun: the ideal location to enjoy a bit of nightlife.

So, visiting the Cinque Terre means discovering a wonderful and still uncontaminated territory. If you want to visit all the five wonderful villages of the district, surely you cannot miss to choose one of the best hotels in Levanto Italy, the ideal place where to stay during your Cinque Terre trip.