Gadgets that help you to travel Tension Free.

A quarreling couple just two rows behind your seat or it can be the aching back or stiff neck after a whole day of sight seeing. Rescue can come in the form of back pillows or even better, a hoodie with a built-in neck pillow, so that you can steal a few hours of comfort nap, so that you can earn the energy for the rest of the trip. Although travel can give you experience and enjoyment, traveling blues can be quite a pain in the back.


Learn more on this page about how to pack like a pro and not to leave behind necessary things. Let’s now go through the list:

  • Power Bank: In this world where the mobile phones are a part of life rather than just another gadget, does one have to justify the necessity of a power bank? With a power bank handy you can charge your phone anywhere, especially if you are traveling long distances.
  • Ear Plug: Though it might seem a little ridiculous at first, ear plugs can be life Saviours. Be it snatching a few hours of wanted sleep at the crowded bus station or just a companion along the windy roads to catch up with your favorite songs, do not forget your ear plugs while you pack your bags.
  • Vamos Leak-Proof Travel Bottles: Forget the clothes getting dirty due to shampoo leak. Fill in these leak-proof squeezable bottles with your brand of shampoo or conditioners. The product comes in four different colors and is pre-labeled so as to avoid confusion.
  • Scrubba Wash Bag: Weighing less than142g this bag is the one-stop answer to the travelers who want to travel clean. A must travel essential for campers, the wash bag helps you keep off dirt from clothes and also from the post-travel laundry blues.

The younger generation now-a-days use their gadgets not only to flash them off, but also to help them in critical situation specially when they are out of their place of comfort, aka, their home.


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