Ethics to Observe while on Hajj or Umra

Either of these events is life changing for anyone. Not only spiritually but also in every other aspect, Hajj or Umrah leaves lasting impacts. It is a general perception that whosoever embarks on this journey undergoes a thorough transformation. How can make this journey this effective? If all of us observe certain social etiquettes, this will become easy. People who book 5 star Umrah packages don’t face much difficulty because of the elite environment they receive.

What should you wear when in Makah?

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not a liberal country. Therefore, dressing in that country is pretty modest.

What should you wear for the rites of Hajj and Umrah

Although it must have been known to most of you, still we will detail you about the Umrah and Hajj wear. Right from the start of the rites till the end of the entire Hajj process men are not allowed to wear sewn clothes. Ihram comprises of two seamless white cotton sheets which is worn after Ghusl. The larger sheet is used to cover the lower part of the body while the smaller one is wound around the shoulders. Like mentioned in the Holy Prophet (PBUH) last sermon, it is an imitation of equality before Allah amongst all the human beings.

What not to do when you are in state of Ihram?

Ihram is a sacred state which does not only comprises of wearing a certain kind of dress but also comes with a number of dos and don’ts when one is in this state.  These obligations include several things such as: not clipping your hair, nails or shave your hair. Secondly, in this state a man is prohibited to wear any kind of fragrance. Even soaps which are not fragrant are available readily for the pilgrims. Moreover, one cannot wear any kind of makeup. Also, one should avoid getting involved in any kind of sexual activity. Doing any of the above mentioned don’ts can make your Ihram null and void.

When will you be able to exit out of the state of Ihram?

When all the rites of the Hajj and Umrah have been completed and men shave their heads while the women cut a lock of hair from their heads, the state of Ihram could be exited. Women do not shave their heads as this is prohibited in Islam.

Are there any rules specifically for women?

It may seem from the above account that most or nearly all of the restrictions or specifications are for men during this journey. Or maybe we have missed out telling you about what women should do and not problem that may arise for certain women is that there is no particular segregation amongst the genders during Tawaf. Most of the pilgrims do take care of not being offensive in any regard especially during this time. However, if there is an instance where some male who shove or push you, you should avoid being in their close vicinity. Travelling with men of your family therefore, makes it easier as they can take care of this during the Tawaf by protecting their women.

Spot on tips:

  1. Wear comfortable slippers which are light and do not cause injury or pain
  2. Keep petroleum jelly in your bag to use to avoid rashes.
  3. Beware of pickpockets and snatchers.
  4. Obey the rules and observe order instead of just moving haphazardly
  5. Do not panic if any situation of chaos occurs as it would further create problem
  6. Stay in touch with your tour arrangement company representative.
  7. Keep your documents close to you instead of in bags.
  8. Stay hydrated and do not expose excessively to sun

We hope these tips will facilitate those who are going for Umrah through Umrah packages 2020 Lahore or other cities of Pakistan. They will also help if you have 7 days Umrah package from Pakistan because in all the packages you have to undergo the same process.