Enjoy The Heritage Of Abu Dhabi In The Dhow Cruise

The Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise:

When you visit the Arabian countries, your tour remains incomplete if you don’t experience the authentic wooden Dhow over there. Dhow can be described as a wooden, double-decker boat that flows through the creeks of Arabia. Dhows used to be the means of transportation for people in the older days for merchandise purposes. But now Cruising in the Dhow has become an entertainment package for all tourists. The cruises are well equipped with traditional cushion made sitting arrangements and entertainments like that of dance shows. There are many evening cruises that offer you with; lavish buffet on board.

Description of Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise:

The Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise takes place along the Marina of Abu Dhabi. The cruise sails such that you get the best views of Abu Dhabi Marina Mall and the Ferris wheel called the Marina eye. As you sail in the Dhow you cross the Corniche of Abu Dhabi and reach the Lulu Island. Different types of Dhow cruises are available for tourists for their entertainment –

  1. Morning Cruise on Dhow
  2. The Evening Dhow Cruise
  3. The Dinner cruise
  4. The Private Yacht cruising – a sign of luxury

You can enjoy the beautiful sights of Abu Dhabi as your cruise smoothly sails towards the Lulu Island. The cruise doesn’t sail dry. You can enjoy the soft cushions on the upper deck or the seats located on the lower deck. As you sail the courteous staffs provide you with refreshing drinks. The cruise departs and ends at the Dock of Abu Dhabi located just in front of the Mall of Marina. In general the Dhow cruise sails for 1 hour in the Creek of Marina. In this span of 1 hour you can enjoy the lovely sights and one good drink. But if you want it for more than you can choose to do that also. You can opt to sail on a Private Yacht for hours you like. You can also choose to enjoy the evening time sailing experience. As you sail in eve you get to see the lights of the city from the Creek and also enjoy soft drinks. There are dinner cruise options for you that serve the best choice of Arabic Bar-B-Queue.

The starting points of the tour:

There is tour operators who provide you with complementary pick up from your hotels located in the city centre areas. But the main tour starts near the Marina Mall. All the Dhows are anchored right beside the Yacht Club of Abu Dhabi. The tour takes place throughout the day. But the best time to enjoy the cruise is in the evening along with a romantic set up for dinner.

The dinner cruise in Abu Dhabi Marina Dhow:

Dhow dinner cruise Abu Dhabi offers is a typical 2 hours cruise that starts from 1900 hours in the evening. The boarding on the cruise closes at 1930 hours and the cruise sets off finally at 2000 hours. The tour is all about enjoying the lights of Abu Dhabi for 2 hours along with a romantic dinner set up. You have the chance to enjoy a lavish buffet on board serving the traditional food of Arab and some international menus. In general the cost of a dinner cruise ranges around $64 per person. It is not all about the food and lighting that calls people towards the Dhow experience. The 2 hours cruise also provides you with elaborate musical entertainment with Arabic sensation.


A visit to Abu Dhabi is meaningless if you don’t explore the Dhow cruise in the Marina creek. See the skyscrapers of Abu Dhabi as you sail through the Marina waterfront and enjoy the lavish buffet serving the delicacies of Arab.

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