Desert Safari-Day or Night?

Dubai is inarguably a luxurious mega city with plenty of five-class accommodations providing a different variety of entertainment. Dubai desert safari is most mesmerizing and beautiful place to visit because this trip offers you a lot to enjoy with full fun and entertainment. Dubai desert safari is one of the most demanding place to visit, tourists from all around the globe come to visit Dubai desert safari. The most important question is that Desert safari-day or night? Which time is perfect to enjoy the trip most.

It is true that the Dubai desert safari trip gives you once in a lifetime unforgettable experience to visualize the scenic beauty and charm of the desert. You can choose any trip time whether you opt for a day desert safari, evening desert safari or and overnight safari, you can select anyone by your own choice.

On these safaris, it is true that you can enjoy a lot of activities proving by the desert safari, there is a big list of activities such as, dune bashing, camel riding, sand-boarding, ATV riding and many more other interested things for the enjoyment of the visitors. You will cruise through the safari deserts past amazing scenery wildlife.

Dubai Desert Safari at day time:

This is without a doubt the real thing, the Dubai desert safari might have conceived for visitors or tourists, this place has the attraction that tourists from all over the world come to visit this mega city especially Dubai Desert Safari, Dubai desert safari is the most demanding and loving place of the tourists.

No matter what the time you select for desert safari, it has the same fun and entertainment with all the time, either you choose day time or an overnight trip, it is must that you will defiantly enjoy your trip a lot. Before departing from your hotel to the safari, you should take your hand carry with your important things to use. After reaching at safari, you can see the amazing desert world in front of your eyes.

The first thing you choose to start your adventure is camel riding, you will then travel to your campsite in the desert where various activities are provided such as, sandboarding, henna tattoo, camel rides, experience sunset view and many more. You will also delicious food items, different kinds of dancing, traditional smoking Sheesha and a lot of things to do.

It doesn’t matter when you choose to come desert safari, a day time or evening, or overnight, the fun and entertainment packages are same, you can enjoy your trip with full fun and make your moment unforgettable.

Dubai Overnight Desert Safari:

Dubai overnight desert safari give you the full fun with thrill and excitement, there are lot of things to do in desert safari at night, various things to do that you may have not enough time to do all the adventure.

The evening entertainment session is really a full package of fun with entertainment. After exploring the desert, you prepare yourself to experience a perfect and ideal trip. In this trip, you will enjoy a party with great entertainment such as Belly dance and Tanura dance, there will be also BBQ and Buffet dinner for served.

This tour also offers henna tattoo or painting, sheesha smoking and visit the traditional costume room, you can choose from a range of costumes for the fun experience. The night desert safari usually starts at night, and it covers almost whole night with full of enjoyment package activities.

The camp that provide the tourists are fully functional camps, where the tourists can enjoy all the activities such as camel riding, sand boarding, having most delicious food items such as BBQ and Buffet dinner with Arabic water pipe that is famously called Sheesha.

In the end of your overnight desert trip, make your moment more enjoyable with the beautiful performance of an enticing dance from belly dancing that is performed under the starlight around the campfire.

At the end of the night you are given with sleeping bags, mattresses, tents, pillows and blankets, everything you would need for a relax and comfortable night’s sleep. After getting all these luxuries you sleep well and in the early morning, you are greeted by a breakfast before lastly or finally departing to your staying departure place.


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