Best Things to do on New Zealand’s North Island

There are many fun and exciting things that you can do while in New Zealand. This beautiful country is filled with imaginative sceneries and tons of majestic nature that you have to see if you travel there. While the country has its fair share of nightlife and clubs, it’s more well-known for it’s peaceful small towns and beautiful natural landscapes. If you’re looking for a North Island tour of New Zealand, or you just want to relax in the tranquil wild settings, you will be able to feel the different mentality and perfection during your stay.

  1. Visit the Hot Thermal Springs in Rotorua

If you decide to go to hot springs in Rotorua you will be able to enjoy in eating, sleeping, spa and there are thermal waters everywhere around you. It steams from the pavement and you will be able to find numerous mud pools, hot springs, fumaroles, geyser fields and much more. It is great for everyone to relax and to meet the most beautiful corner in New Zealand and if you compare it to other hot springs it is considered as one of the best spas in the world.

  1. Sail in the Bay of Islands

If you want to visit some very scenic experience with a bit of additional relaxation, you can go sailing in the Bay of Islands that is located on the northern side of the country. This particular region is considered as one of the greatest sailing places because there are more than 140 islands that are surrounding coastal and amazing town called Russell where you can relax after you reach the destination.

  1. Taste Beer at Hallertau Brewery in Auckland

Many people think that beer is synonymous with countries like the Czech Republic and Germany. But did you know that New Zealand contains plenty of homemade breweries where you can taste amazing world-class and high-quality beers? There’s the Hallertau Restaurant and Brew Bar, both nested around the greenery of Riverhead which is only twenty minutes next to the city. It’s a great combination of epicurean lifestyle and brewing and just an all-around amazing place where you can set all your problems aside and enjoy in tasty beer in a lively setting.

  1. Visit the Buried Village in Rotorua

After the explosion happened at Mount Terevaka 100 years ago, one village was left buried and it is considered as a natural wonder of the world because it contains numerous white and pink terraces. It was considered as the biggest natural disaster in New Zealand and when you reach there you will be able to hear an amazing story that will give you all idea what happened and how the village was shut down by nature itself.


Before you decide to visit an amazing country like New Zealand, think about all things that you can visit because there are plenty of interesting places in this amazing country

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