Best Paris tours: must-see places in the most romantic city

Paris is one of the most beautiful and famous cities in the world. There are so many sights here that it’s simply impossible to see everything in one trip. Therefore, we have prepared a selection of the best Paris tours. It will be especially useful to those who visit the famous City of Lights for the first time as well as to those who has arrived here for a short time and wants to see the maximum of interesting places.

The tourist industry is developed in Paris. There are tours for every taste here: group or individual. You can also go on an audio tour by yourself! An audio guide and an interactive map will be at your disposal. Just select the desired language and go on an exciting journey! Every tourist who has come here will definitely discover a lot of new and interesting things. Below there is a selection of the most interesting tours in Paris which we have found at

  • Disneyland Paris 1-Day Ticket 

Disneyland is a favorite place of children and their parents! Here there are two parks: Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios. In the first one there are a lot of rides, playgrounds and other entertainment for children. The children will get acquainted with their favorite characters: Mickey Mouse, Ariel, Cinderella, Elsa, Snow White, Aladdin, Robinson Crusoe and many others. But for adults there are also a couple of extreme rides, for example, Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain.

The second park is newer and is designed for an older audience. Unlike the first one, it is more like a film set. Guests can become the heroes of their favorite movies, try the extreme drive in RC Racer, watch one of the Disney performances, learn the secrets of creating special effects and much more. The rides here are more extreme than in the main park.

  • “Yes, I Do” in Paris: Personalized Wedding Proposal

Paris is the perfect place to make a proposal to your soulmate. Private Day Tours will help you in this. Just discuss how you imagine this moment with the organizers in advance, and they will do everything for you! A romantic dinner in the restaurant Le Jules Verne at the Eiffel Tower will be a logical continuation of the most exciting moment. A walk along the river Seine with a loved person will perfectly complement this day.

  • Catacombs of Paris: 2-Hour Tour with Priority Entrance и Catacombs of Paris Private Tour for Families

Arriving in Paris, be sure to visit the mysterious catacombs. Both tours involve a two-hour walk through the underground city. Just select a tour that suits you best: group or private. An experienced guide will tell a lot of interesting and, at times, sad stories about the city and the life of Parisians in the past. You will also find out for what and by whom the underground tunnels were created, and what is their length. You will hear many stories and legends about the remains buried here.

  • Moulin Rouge Show Paris

This is the most famous and lively show in all of Europe. Tourists from all over the world come here to watch it. Tickets for this cabaret are sold out very quickly, so it’s better to buy them in advance. Only here you will see energetic dances of charming girls, incredible costumes, enchanting performances and much more!

Париж – уникальный город с удивительной архитектурой и сложной историей. Это отличное место как для романтического отдыха, так и для времяпровождения всей семьи. Здесь вас ждут различные туры: велосипедные, гастрономические, VIP, семейные, утренние, ночные и др. Это одно из самых популярных мест среди туристов со всего мира. Если вы планируете отдых в Европе, обязательно обратите внимание на этот очаровательный город.

Paris is a unique city with amazing architecture and complex history. This is a great place both for a romantic relax, and for spending time by the whole family. Here you will find a variety of tours: cycling, gastronomic, VIP, family, morning, night, etc. This is one of the most popular places among tourists from all over the world. If you are planning a vacation in Europe, be sure to pay attention to this charming city.