Best Amsterdam Canal Boat Tours

In the 17th century, Amsterdam city’s transport system improved with the addition of 165 canals, so as toincrease trade relations. Amsterdam’s landscape is listed in UNESCO as World Heritage Site. The best way of appreciating this urban canal ring and other waterways of this city is to take a boat ride.

Amsterdam Canal bus

The bus travels through the canals and stops at main attractions like Albert Cuyp and Rembrandt Square. When a specific landmark fuels your interest just get-off and explore. After you are done, get onboard and continue the journey. Amsterdam Canal Bus has 16 stops and 3 lines, so you get to cover a lot of the city. There is an audio guide system, which defines the surroundings.

  • Day ticket – €23 adults
  • 24-hour ticket – €25 adults
  • 48 hour ticket – €35 adults
  • Half price for kids above 5 to 15 years

Lover’s canal cruises

Tourists are taken to some of the highlighted regions of Amsterdam. Within a short time of around one hour, you get plenty to see including the VOC ship, the Skinny Bridge, the docks, and the Zevenbogenbruggengracht. There is a special audio system, which gives commentary in many languages. This helps tourists from different nations to learn more about the sights they pass in Amsterdam.

  • Tickets per person – €16
  •  For kids between 4-12 – €8

Rijksmuseum Canal cruise

For art and history lovers, Rijksmuseum canal cruise is ideal. You get a souvenir booklet, which features artworks that will be seen at the museum. You will also see the place ‘The Night watch’ that Rembrandt painted, his house and more.

  • Duration – 75 minutes
  • Deluxe package – €46 adults + €12.50 children [includes boat tour, booklet and entrance fees to Rijksmuseum + Rembrandt museum]

Red light district cruise

Red light district is a scandalous areas but a champagne canal cruise includes the red light area, Hortus Botanicus, the Skinny Bridge, Maritime Museum and more.

  • €15 with complimentary soft drink per person
  • €25 with glass of Moët and Chandon per person
  • €7.50 for children between 3-10  

Candlelight dinner cruise

Jewel dinner cruises are designed for couples keen to splurge. The magic is felt in the ambiance of an attractive and traditional wooden boat. It is an intimate tour but carries other couples too. Highlights are pointed out on the way and there is a 3-course dinner that can enjoyed leisurely as you eat and drink.

  • Duration – 2 hours 45 minutes
  • Cost – Around €110 to €130 [depend on your preferred inclusions]

Pannenkoekenboot’s family friendly tour

Pannenkoekenboot’s means Pancake boat. Kids and grownups will admire the pancakes and enjoy the landscape along U-River. It gives you a different perception of Amsterdam. Eat plain, ham or apple pancakes as much as you can with toppings of your choice.

  • Duration – 75 minutes
  • €18.50 adults
  • €12.50 children 3 to 12

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All the above tours mentioned are standard fixed itinerary tours to watch scenery from waters but there are tour operators that help to plan unique live narrated tours.

  • Plastic Whale tours educate visitors about literally fishing in the historic canals – not for fish but for plastic wastes using nets. This plastic waste gets recycled to build electric tour boats.
  • KINboat are green boats that use clean solar energy, so people committed towards the preservation of environment can enjoy the Amsterdam canals in every weather

[boats are covered]


  • Leemstar Saloon boats function as floating living room. You can enjoy the chilled soda, wine or beer it holds in a fridge and even order bites like sausage or cheese platter. It has an open or covered top. You can enjoy a shared or private tour on a saloon boat like the locals.

Boat ride down Amsterdam Canal is a MUST!