Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India


Bangalore today is one of the most prominent cities in the map of India. With the success of IT industry, the city is more known for its big multinationals than for its historic or natural beauty. Once known as the ‘Garden City of India’, it is India’s third largest city and is one of the most accommodating cities in India.

Bangalore, also known as Bengaluru, even after being one of the busiest cities, it still has its own charm with the parks and the roads being decorated with trees on the sides. One can also enjoy the palaces and all the historic heritages, which narrate stories of their existence. It is also very famous for its colorful nightlife and the endless shopping that one can enjoy here.

However, among the other places which have modernized with time and developed with Globalization, one needs to go to the Bangalore Palace to see a glimpse of Bangalore before it gained the title of being the IT hub of India. It belonged to the Mysore Royal Family and the royal family has been looking after it for all these years.

The history of this beautiful palace states that the original property of the palace was bought by Chamarajendra Wadiyar in the year 1873. One can see Scottish Gothic and Tudor’s mixed architecture in this 45,000 square feet building. The palace has a wooden structure to it wherein, one can enjoy beautiful carvings.

One can also get to Mysore from here as it is in very close proximity. It has not been explored and has untouched beauty for one and all to explore. Not very far away from Bangalore, one can slip to this city which is surrounded by mountains and has royalty filled in its air. This city also offers a lot of adventure activities for everyone to enjoy. One can book a Bangalore to Mysore Taxi and get to this place in a matter of few hours from Bengaluru.

One of the most important places to visit and see in Mysore is the Mysore Palace. Mysore Palace is the definition of majestic beauty. Every wall in the palace is filled with art and there is no corner in the palace that won’t amuse you or have you drooling over its beauty. One can also enjoy the lighting of the palace that happens every weekend.


Another reason for the city’s popularity is its zoo and Chamundi Hills. One can also make a stop at the Bandipur Wildlife and enjoy the nature and also the visual of all the wild animals in their natural habitat.

Once in Mysore, one can make a pit stop at Somnathpur. It is a small village which has deep roots in the history. Somnathpur village has been one of the important villages in the history of India which was said to have established at around 13th century by some of the most powerful rulers of then. One can enjoy the pleasant art, craft and the culture. One can reach this place by simply hiring a Bangalore to Somnathpur cabs.


Another close by destination that one can visit from Bangalore is Srirangapatna. One can reach to this place by simply hiring a Bangalore to Srirangapatna Cabs. It is an island in the shape of an egg and in very close Mysore. It is one of the most important cities of South India that has temples and architectures that have been a part of the ancient times. This place was very important during the ancient times and was regarded as the capital of the Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali.

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