Banaras- spiritual journey for the salvation of sins

Banaras or Varanasi is one of the seven holy cities. It is the most visited pilgrimage destination in India.  The spiritual town is well known for its temples, Ghats as well as music. The city shimmers and shines with numerous candles, lights, floating diyas during prayers. Many newly married couples also visit this beautiful place to devote their prayers. There are many tourist attractions in Banaras offers so plan out and visit and search out for cheap honeymoon & romantic packages.

 Ghats in Banaras

There are more than 100 Ghats in Banaras, and among them, there are 25 main Ghats which is used for bathing and puja rituals. There are two Harishchandra and Manikarnika Ghats in Banaras where cremations are solely performed. Below we have listed some Ghats of Banaras which should be visited to feel the Banaras magic:

  1. Assi Ghat

Assi Ghat is located where River Ganges meets river Assi and is at extreme southern end of Banaras city. It is not crowded and chaotic like other Banaras Ghats. Assi Ghat is recognized as important Ghat for Hindus and pilgrims bathe here before worshipping Lord Shiva. Here Lord Shiva is in the form of huge lingam which is under a pipal tree. It is the must visit place for long staying travelers.

  1. Dashashwamedh Ghat

This Ghat is known to be the most famous pilgrim spot in Banaras. It is one of those wealthiest meditative places in the city which presents swiftly flowing Ganges .all throughout the year this Ghat remains busy with numerous pilgrims gather to offer prayers.

  1. Manikarnika Ghat

Manikarnika Ghat is also known as burning Ghat and is the most confronting Ghat of Banaras. It is the place where dead bodies are cremated, and as per the belief, this Ghat will liberate dead people from the cycle of death and rebirth. At this place, you will come face to face with death, and you can also watch the cremations which took place at that time.

  1. Scindhia Ghat

It is one of the most picturesque Ghats in Banaras and is also a very peaceful place. Here you will witness a partly underwater Shiva Temple at water’s edge which was sunk since 1830 during the construction of Ghat. This site attracts many tourists and is also known as Sidhakshetra.

Temples in Banaras

Banaras is renowned as one of the holiest cities in the world. Explore best deals on Honeymoon & Romantic packages India at lowest prices. The city is an abode to a large number of temples. Some of them are listed below:

Kashi Vishwanath Temple

Kasha Vishwanath temple is known for its splendor and magnificence and is known to be one of the major tourist attractions in Banaras. The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva, and it is said that one of twelve Jyotilingas of Lord Shiva is enshrined in this temple.

Tulsi Manas Temple

Tulsi Manas temple in Banaras is listed among the must-see places in Banaras. This temple was constructed in honor of Lord Ram at very spot where Tulsi Das wrote Ramayana and is named as Tulsi Manas Temple. This temple is a mark of respect as well as reverence for him.

Durga Temple

Durga temple is also known as Durga Kund mandir, Durga Mandir, and Monkey temple is one of the famous temples in Banaras dedicated to Goddess Durga. It is red in color and attracts many tourists as well as pilgrims’ every day. It is said that deity in the Durga temple is not made by anybody but appeared itself. This is a very polar temple in Banaras where many newly married couples come to get blessings. There are many deals of Honeymoon & romantic packages India available online.

Many more sightseeing places in and around Banaras

Banaras is a holy town always crowded and full with honeymoon couples that has a spiritual legacy and is recognized as the important pilgrimage centre in India. The place presents not only beautiful Ghats and temples but also has many other tourist attractions too. They are as below:

Gyan Vapi Well

 As the name suggests, Gyan Vapi well is a well of wisdom and is known as the religious spot in Banaras.  It is located at the entrance of Kashi Vishwanath temple. People believe that waters in the well offer spiritual enlightenment and is highly revered.

Ramnagar Fort & Museum

Ramnagar fort in Banaras is the royal residence of Raja of Banaras and till date is residential palace of royal family members.  The hall in this fort is known as Durbur Hall and is a blend of Indian and Islamic architecture. There you will also find the Ramnagar Museum too which is located in the fort itself. It displays many items belonged to the royal family along with handicrafts.

Chunar Fort

Chunar is the place is Banaras which is the perfect combination of nature, history, and religion. the scenic and calm atmosphere of this place enchants the visitors. It is recognized as the prime attraction of Banaras. You can also stay at AI rest house which is within the Chunar fort premises.


If you want to try around Banaras, then Sarnath is the best place to visit. It is known to be the much sacred and tourist spot in India and is just 10 km away from the main city. the place is renowned as one of the four main Buddhist pilgrimage places in India. It is the place where Lord Buddha lectured after attaining nirvana.

Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar in Banaras is a copy of Jantar Mantar in New Delhi and is build to find out planetary, local time and star movements. This observatory is credited with numerous instruments to record motion, speed as well as the position of stars. It is the excellent place for all engineers, astronomers, and architects.

Pilgrims come to Banaras for spiritual enlightenment and also for the salvation of their sins. Not only among Indian travelers but Banaras is very popular among foreign travelers too. Every newly married couple should add Banaras to their loving honeymoon list of places.