A truly magnificent hunting experience this year

As the weather changes, outdoor enthusiasts revel in all the opportunities they have to get out and enjoy their favorite activities. Soon enough, hunting season will be rolling around, with hunters all throughout the south and southeast putting in for vacation time and getting their gear out of cold storage in anticipation of the first hunt of the season.

If you live in South Carolina or any surrounding area and are looking into a truly magnificent hunting experience this year, strongly consider booking a hunting trip at a highly successful and reputable hunting lodge in the South Carolina low country. Superior hunting lodges in this region feature a wide array of very attractive features that will prove to be memorable for first time hunters up through experienced veterans.

If you are interested in hunting deer, wild hogs, quail, or a combination of these species, popular lodges have massive, intensively managed hunting properties, encompassing thousands of acres, that virtually guarantee success for each hunter. Successful lodges, operated by owners with decades of experience, implement many tried and true methods to help maximize the guest experience and success rates, all the while doing all they can to make each hunter’s stay one of the best hunting trips they’ve ever had.

When deer hunting, such lodges target only prime deer hunting times. Three and four day hunts are often broken up into morning and afternoon hunts, with lunch and recreational time taking place in between. Bountiful dinners follow the afternoon hunt. These hunts take place from elevated stands, tower blinds, or ground blinds. These areas are strategically placed around this private property overlooking food plots and/or feeding stations, at a range of 100-150 yards downwind.

To further increase success rates, premier hunting lodges limit the number of hunters at any one time to 10 or less. Some lodges are so confident that guests will realize success in their hunts that they offer discounted rates on a return visit if the group of hunters in that camp collectively is not presented a full 100 percent chance to harvest a suitable animal.


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