5 Christmas Décor Ideas for People with Nosy Pets or Curious Toddlers

Pets and toddlers can make Christmas decorating harder than it should be. Why? Because they’re nosy, curious, and want to touch and explore everything they can get their paws and hands on. It’s natural. As a matter of fact, you can peruse the local news woodland hills on a weekly basis to find anecdotes from parents and pet owners that underestimated the curiosities of their toddlers and pets. However, there are ways you can decorate for the holidays without giving your pets and toddlers décor to fiddle with.

Baby-Gate a Big Christmas tree

Form a barrier with baby gates around your big Christmas tree. Not only will this stop curious kiddos and pups from messing with the ornaments, it’s a good way to establish boundaries for following years. When your kids and pets understand that the tree is off limits, it’s smooth sailing for future holidays. Unfortunately, this one might not work for cats, since they are climbers and far too curious and apathetic for their own good.

Or, Opt for a Small Tree that Sits on a High Table or Countertop

Small trees are ones that range from 2 to 3-feet, and you can nestle them atop a high table or countertop. This is often too tall for kids and pets to reach. Plus, small trees mean adorable, mini ornaments and lights, perfect for establishing that Christmas spirit without overdoing the tinsel and sparkly décor.

String Up Twinkling Fairy Lights towards the Ceiling

If you love the sparkle of Christmas lights, skip the tree and hang fairy lights instead. String them up near the ceiling in drape patterns that go across the walls, like wallpaper border. This will give you the twinkle you want for a festive holiday, while ensuring your kiddos and pets stay well away from the Christmas décor.

Go with Non-Fragile Décor Over Glass or Ceramic Ornaments

Ornaments are always a big deal for both parents and pet owners. Glass and ceramic ornaments are just asking for trouble, so opt for plastic ornaments instead. Anything non-fragile will do, and you can get loads of twinkly, beautiful things that put you in the festive mood. Additionally, plastic ornaments are less likely to shatter when packing away Christmas stuff for storage.

Have a Designated Up-High Christmas Presents Place

Countertops, high tables, and tall entertainment stands are perfect present places. Have a designated up-high space for gifts, so kids can look but not touch. If this is too tempting for your toddlers or cats, hide the presents until it’s time to open them.

Setting out your Christmas decorations is all about boundaries. These décor suggestions are temporary, as you should teach your children and pets how to keep their paws and hands to themselves when it comes to no-touch Christmas decorations.

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