Signs That You Are Now Ready to Live on a Boat

Living on a boat is not a hobo lifestyle, no matter what others may think of it. No, this isn’t a hippie lifestyle. People living on a boat actually have jobs that pay for the rent in the marina and the maintenance of the boat. It’s like living in an apartment, except that it is tiny and “dances” when the water is unsteady. Have you always dreamed of trying this liveaboard lifestyle? Are you ready for it?

First, look at the boat dealers in Grand Lake, Oklahoma or wherever you’re from. See how much you’re going to need to buy a boat, whether you plan to take out a loan for it or pay in cash. But before you get to this point, you need to know about what kind of boat you’d want to stay on. There are houseboats, trawlers, and catamarans. They all have different amenities on board. Then, there are also motor yachts and express cruisers. These are good options, too.

The City Life Is Boring You

Do you find the city boring? Are you uninterested in the happenings in the city? Don’t you find the 24/7 bar and coffee shops amusing anymore? Are you tired of looking at skyscrapers and urban jungles? These are signs that city life no longer amuses you. Maybe it’s time for a change in scenery. Why do you have to content yourself with living in a place that has no meaning to you anymore when you can literally sail off?

You Have a Bit of Savings

In a perfect world, you can sail off anytime you want to. But alas, this is an imperfect world as imperfect can get. You cannot simply sail off without having an emergency fund in your accounts. You need this not only to pay for your basic needs, but more so for the maintenance of the boat, insurance, and other expenses that might surprise you. How much you need depends on the boat you’re going to get and the kind of lifestyle you expect to lead on that boat.

Working from Home Is Possible for You

If you can take your work at home, then this becomes possible for you. But if your job needs you to be in a certain place at a specific time, then it makes it hard for you to earn while living on a boat. You have to either change careers or give up your plans until you’ve saved enough to tide you over when the water gets rough.

When Your Family Setup Allows You To

Do you have a spouse and children? Do you want them to live on a boat? Is this the right lifestyle for them? Do you want to subject your kids to this kind of lifestyle? This is possible if you are single and live alone. You don’t have to “force” anyone to leave their comfortable lives and all its conveniences. You will take this journey alone and figure things out without worrying about anyone.

If this has always been your dream, why not give it a try? You don’t have to buy a boat. You can rent one, and it will be just fine. Try it out. Who knows what you will discover about yourself?