Importance of International Travel Insurance

Much excited about that international trip? Do not let it get ruined by any mishaps or stressful events. Your international travel insurance comes to the rescue in times and situations like this. Here are the benefits of having international travel insurance.

Medical coverage

Medical travel insurance for an international travel destination provides coverage for all the medical expenses that might occur during the trip. The insurance provides comprehensive medical coverage at an international level that covers the expenses of hospitalization due to sickness or accidents occurred on the trip.

Cover for trip cancellation/interruption/delay

Your plans for the trip could get disturbed by any reason. Any kind of delay, interruption, or cancellation expenses are covered under the policy plan, which helps reduce financial stress by paying back the expenses already incurred, for instance prepaid flight tickets.

Personal liability coverage

An emergency situation might now always be something involving us or our family. It can also be for a third-party, for which we are liable. Your international travel insurance covers the expenses for your third-party liability incurred due to damage/loss to third-party or third party property or death of the third party. You will be free of the hassles in an unknown land that could arise out of legal and financial complications. Your insurance company will manage and handle all that, while you travel hassle-free.

Travel-related emergencies

The insurance policy would provide assistance and coverage for travel-related issues and emergencies like loss of passport, international driving license, laptop, check-in baggage, etc. It also helps cover flight delays occurred due to bad weather conditions. Your travel insurance would prove to be of great help in critical situations like these.

Deal with every kind of problem

International travel insurance policies in India provide comprehensive coverage for issues ranging from simple to complex situations. With the safety and security of a travel insurance, you can be prepared to deal with any kind of unforeseen risks and problems. The travel insurance will prove to be like a friend in need in times of complexities in an unfamiliar country. From missing passport and missed flights to financial aid in international hospitals, it gets you all kinds of help.

  • Documents required for international travel insurance claim[1]
  1. Claim form
  2. Policy document
  3. Trip tickets
  4. Identification proof
  5. FIR
  6. Trip cancellation proof (if applicable)
  7. Airport correspondence
  8. Hospital discharge card
  • Reasons why you should buy travel insurance[2]
  1. Low-priced
  2. Extensive coverage
  3. Easy to compare
  4. Quick to purchase
  5. Anytime access
  6. Purchase from your smartphone
  7. No agent interference
  8. Simplified information
  9. Exclusive offers
  10. Instant policy

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