A Helpful Savings Guide to shed some light on your trip to Paris, France

Vacationing the Parisian way without draining the bank.

Named Lutetia by the Romans during their rule, Paris was reverted back its original name derived from Parisii when Julian the Apostate rose to power.  La Ville-Lumiere or the City of lights, Paris has inspired artists and people from all over the world with its romantic affectations and stunning landmarks.  The largest city and the capital of France, Paris is a global force in culture, education, entertainment, fashion, and politics.  Landmarks recognizable all over the world are located inside this splendid city.  Every year, millions of travelers arrive to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the thousands of historical monuments located all over the city of love. 

Savings Tip:

If you are planning to visit Paris’ tourist attractions then the Paris Visite Pass will allow you to save from admissions.  The Paris Museum Pass can you get you inside Paris’ most notable and illustrious museums at almost half the usual prices.

Be romanced with the sights and sounds of Paris while staying on budget

Paris is truly a breathtaking destination that will win over the most jaded hearts.  While this attractive city is frequented by the world’s rich and famous, those on a budget can also enjoy Paris at its best with a well-prepared itinerary and a fool-proof guide around the city.

Affordable transportation

Vacationing in Paris during the off-season will definitely be much cheaper.  You can book airline tickets with lower prices.  Budget airlines can be a blessing if you are a light traveler.  Flights with extra lay-overs can also be more affordable and can mean additional attractions.  The transportation around the city is excellent and dependable.  Scenic cityscapes can be seen from the routes of the public bus system.  You can purchase tickets and passes cheaply. 

Budget accommodations

 Like with transportation, accommodations will be much cheaper when it’s the slow season.  The best period for a vacation in Paris is around October to March.  Hotels will be offering discounted rooms and money-saving packages for travelers during this time.  If you can get online, try searching for hotels that offer early-bird discounts and other additional services.  Complimentary services like airport shuttles, breakfasts, and kitchen implements will be a big help during your stay as well as save you a lot of money. Also consider the location of the hotel.  Choose accommodations that are near attractions, transportation routes, and restaurants.  Opting for a hotel that is not situated along the downtown area will also be a more cost-efficient choice.  Hotels that are on or near the city center usually cost more.  The Beauchamps Hotel, Best Western Premier Louvre Saint Honore Hotel, L’Empire Paris Hotel, Mercure Paris Opera Hotel, and the Quality Hotel Abaca Paris are some of the most affordable hotels that provide exceptional accommodations in Paris.

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Inexpensive restaurants

 More and more bistros in Paris are catering to the new generation who prefer exquisite meals at a good price.  Travelers can take advantage of this food revolution by dining off the beaten track and heading to local favorites.  The Les Racines is a Rive Gauche restaurant that offers gourmet cuisine in a relaxed setting.  Chez Gladines is located in the Butte aux Cailles and is one of the finest affordable places in Paris.  Revisit the 60’s with a creamy cod mashed with potatoes meal at Georgette.  For couples on a romantic evening, the La Boulangerie will serve a decadent meal complete with an intimate setting.   Travelers who want hearty drinks with their meals should visit Les Dingues, where the bar is always noisy and the plates are always empty.