Holidaying on a Budget? No Problem

The United Kingdom is a perfect destination for travellers. It is one of the best travel destinations in Europe with bustling cosmopolitan cities, seaside villages, picturesque towns, an incredible history and many scenes of natural wonder. The UK has one of the best road networks with numerous camping grounds, and what better way to travel across this beautiful kingdom on a budget if not in a camper van?

1. Choosing a Camper Van

Choosing the right camper van for your trip will go a long way in ensuring that the trip is memorable. The main factor you need to consider when choosing a camper van is the sleeping arrangements for your family or friends since you will definitely need a larger van when travelling with four people than with two.
You also need to consider if you need amenities such as a fully equipped kitchen with an onboard fridge or an onboard shower which will influence the size of the car van you rent. Old model camper vans are cheaper to hire but more expensive to maintain than new camper vans which are usually in good condition.

2. Planning your exploration

When travelling with a camper van, there is no limit to the number of places you can visit. However, you need to ensure that none of the places is restricted in order to avoid trespassing. It is therefore important to plan out all your destinations and routes before the trip to ensure that you visit as many places as possible, and also determine the cheapest places to visit.

3. Parking

Your experiences of finding a place to park the camper van will vary depending on where you are in the UK. It will be difficult to find parking in large cities like London. Fortunately, it is much easier to find parking space in smaller towns.
It is also essential that you know where you can get free parking in order to save on costs that would otherwise be used to pay parking fees. Drivers in the UK are allowed to park for free on the roadside or in marked road bays. You should, however, avoid parking on a clearway, too close to a junction, on roads marked with white zig-zag lines or double yellow lines, or on the hard shoulder of a motorway.
The cheapest paid parking spaces are the ones operated by the local council where payment is done through a parking meter. It is therefore advisable to have some spare coins if you are not lucky enough to find a free parking space.

4. Save on additional costs

When it comes to hiring a camper van, you can save on additional costs by including your personal items. You can use your own bedding instead of using the ones provided by the camper van’s company to avoid renting it. If you are a local, you can also bring your own outdoor chairs and tables to save on renting them.
If you are from outside the UK, you can also buy your own outdoor umbrella, tables, and chairs and leave them behind when your rental comes to an end since it is sometimes cheaper to buy them than to rent them. You can also save on extras like bikes, and baby seats by bringing your own.

All these tips help you avoid unnecessary costs and reduces the risks of you going over budget. The camper van hire UK service is a very established industry with many companies offering the service. Travelling around the country in a camper van lets you experience the UK’s beautiful scenery like a local and in close proximity with your friends and family. Hiring a camper van is much more convenient than buying a camper van especially if you travel for only a small portion of the year. That’s why you should consider hiring camper vans from UK campervan hire services. It is also a cheaper option of travelling instead of staying in a hotel.